Here’s a little more of what you should know about me

I'm a multi-talented, award-winning content creator. I've been helping brands scale their social presence (and sales) since 2019.

I am also a much-sought-after make-up artist and video-editing coach.

I believe that brands should be able to tell their stories online.

And that’s why I do what I do. Telling your brand story helps your audience relate with you on a much more personal level. This relationship can lead to increased (and repeat) sales for your business. Since more sales = more profit, I want to help your business make more profit.

faith Joshua-Manny

Influencer & Content Creator

 I will give your brand a much-needed visibility on all social media platforms – especially Instagram.

Creator & Coach

When I’m not creating content for brands, I’m busy coaching my numerous students online on how to create HD quality video content using only their mobile phones. Aside that, you can always find helpful beauty and lifestyle tips and tutorials on my YouTube channel.

followers across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

If you’ve tried it before, you’d probably know by now how difficult it is to grow a following on social media – especially if you’re not Don Jazzy.

But I’ve managed to grow my online presence by over 19k followers in a little over a year. The process is an art – not a science, and I’ve mastered it.

I can help grow your social media page so that you  don’t have to spend too much money running Facebook ads that don’t convert to sales.

Seriously, let’s connect.

My Gallery

Just so you don’t mistake me for someone else, here’s what I look like in real life. Thanks for the compliments.